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"Thank you for reviewing my essay with so much enthusiasm and input! I appreciate it very much, and those comments got me out of the limbo I was in studying for the SATIIs! By the way, I'm applying to Princeton, Dartmouth, and Williams....and one more college, which I still must choose."

Ching Ho,

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IvyEssays has been doing business since 1996. Our primary mission is to assist students in the college and graduate school application process by providing them with a variety of resources. These resources include sample application essays, professional editing services, and a book series on how to get into college, business school, medical school and law school that were written by our team and published by Barrons. We provide these resources in an efficient, economical, and user-friendly manner, and we continually look for new ways to help students maximize their chances for admission.

Our intent is not to undermine the current admissions systems or to help others abuse the admissions process. However, we do believe that the playing field for getting accepted at leading academic institutions is inherently slanted. Those who have greater access to information and assistance — for example, students whose parents may have attended prestigious schools or students who attend schools with more college preparatory resources — may have a greater chance of acceptance than other applicants. While we acknowledge that admissions offices do their best to take these disparities into consideration, we also believe that students should prepare themselves to the best of their ability for the application process. We feel that our services can help in this preparation process, as well as help level this admissions field, by providing resources previously only available to few — resources that are economical and readily accessible through the Internet. We absolutely do not condone plagiarism and have not created this site to encourage such behavior. We will work with any admissions official who believes that an applicant may have used the resources on our site in an illegal manner.

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