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For most MBA programs, the 4 most critical pieces of your application are: GMAT, GPA, Work Experience and the Application Essay. Recommendation Letters, Interviews and Extra-Curricular activities come next.

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Choose from hundreds of essays written for acceptance to the nation's top schools. These essays were all written by applicants who got in! Essay packets can be purchased in 3 different categories. For a more detailed explanation of each, please see the descriptions below.

By School - Essays in each of these packets were accepted to the same school unless labeled a ‘Mix’ or a ‘Grab Bag’. This is a very helpful category if you already know where you will apply and want to review many essays for the same school.

By Work Experience - Essays in these packets have been accepted to different schools and the applicants within each packet have similar work experience. This is a helpful packet if you plan to emphasize your work experience and may apply to multiple schools.

By Applicant Background - If you are a female or foreign applicant or if you have been out of school for more than 5 years and want incorporate these factors into your essays, these packets may be especially helpful to you.

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