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"Thank you for reviewing my essay with so much enthusiasm and input! I appreciate it very much, and those comments got me out of the limbo I was in studying for the SATIIs! By the way, I'm applying to Princeton, Dartmouth, and Williams....and one more college, which I still must choose."

Ching Ho,

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Renee Rhoten, BusinessWeek:
"...I found www.ivyessays.com to be a great tool for any individual looking to apply to an undergraduate or graduate program. There were tips on what schools looked for as well as actual essays from students accepted into their respective programs. After reading those essays and understanding what was needed to get into school, I was pumped! I soon realized that the stuffy dissertations I had written about my life and about why I wanted an MBA would not do. I had to be creative, add a lot more color, and show the admissions committee who Renee really was and what she was all about. It only took a few hours to kick out the initial draft. And a couple of weeks in total to complete my essays after I had gotten started."

C/Net, News.com:
"Even the brightest of high school seniors need inspiration when tackling college entrance essays, according to Joan Catelli, a counselor at nationally recognized Lowell High School in San Francisco…‘We use sample essays and [for] some of our teachers in their English classes, their course work involves writing a college entrance essay,’ Catelli said. "[IvyEssays] is just one more source of information. They get their own ideas. I agree with that."

The Boston Globe:
"Vincent D’Antona, director of guidance at Arlington High School, says sample essays would help some students, especially those at schools, unlike his, where counselors are overwhelmed. Charles Menzies, a Stanford law student who sold his essay…for $100, says he would have felt much less fear while writing if he’d been able to study other essays."

College Press Service, Tribune Media Services:
"…IvyEssays clients say they appreciate the service’s accessibility. Frustrated by his law school essay, John…found the site easily…Two hours later, for $20, he had a package of seven essays to peruse, which finally inspired him to write his own."
"David…wanted to optimize his chances for getting into a top business school. So, he sent his work to IvyEssays editing service…‘It was not only really good help,’ says David, ‘it was fast.’ "

The Boston University Free Press:
"Joseph Thompson, an IvyEssays customer and senior at California State University at Fresno said…‘Reading these essays helped me think harder about what I was going to write, and how I should go about it…’ "

The Dartmouth Daily:
"…One of IvyEssays’ clients was a woman from Harlem who had eight siblings, a single mother and no mentor to turn to for guidance when applying to law school after graduating from a New York state university." [Managing Editor Helen] Lee said that there are ample resources ‘for people with a lot of money,’ but that it was IvyEssays’ aim to be affordable to everyone."

Chronicle of Higher Education:
"To discourage plagiarism, Mr. Kaufman says, he will ‘bend over backwards’ to help admissions officers investigate any applicant who they think may have copied material from IvyEssays. But he adds, ‘We don’t think the students using our service are dumb enough to do that.’ "

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