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Fill in your name, school, and year of graduating class in the form below. Sign and date the contract and fax it to 413-403-0805.

Essay Release Form


I, ______________________________, for consideration paid to me by Net Magic Inc. DBA IvyEssays ("Company") hereby sell to Company without recourse in any event all the rights to my successful ___________________________________ (name of university program) admissions essay(s). Under the pains and penalties of perjury, I hereby attest that these essays were written by me and that they were part of my application to said program for the class of ______________________ into which I was granted admission. I understand that henceforth, Company, and not I, own the rights to these essays. I will not permit any other entity to publish or distribute these essays.

Company and its successors and/or assigns may sell my essays to other individuals as it wishes by any means (electronic, physical copy, other), under the sole condition that my name does not appear on any of the copies distributed.

Signature: ___________________________

Date: _______________________________