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Joseph Thompson, Customer
Reading these [sample] essays helped me think harder about what I was going to write, and how I should go about it.

Steve Quezadas, Customer
Hey, I loved your job! I perused what you did, and I am very pleased with your efforts. I think that together we will make the essay look really good. I am just glad that I had a professional look this over. Thanks a lot! They will look good in no time. You are worth every penny.

Ching Ho, Customer
Thank you for reviewing my essay with so much enthusiasm and input! I appreciate it very much, and those comments got me out of the limbo I was in studying for the SATIIs! By the way, I'm applying to Princeton, Dartmouth, and Williams....and one more college, which I still must choose.

Satisfied Customer
You're the best! Your suggestions on the "goals" essay were very constructive. I reworked it by adding some color, watering down the business-speak, and removing unnecessary technical detail. I believe it is now at 998 words. Whew! Once again, thank you for your careful attention. I really appreciate your help!

Stephen, Customer
I believe my essay turned out very, very well. This same basic essay was used for both Darden and Wharton as I was reapplying to both programs. As luck would have it, I have already been accepted to both programs. Yes!!!! Obviously, your suggestions really helped me clean up my final product. I was able to focus in on the key issues with the confidence that I was on the right track. Thanks for the insights!

Satisfied Customer
Hello IvyEssays. Let me first start by bragging on you a little bit. You were the third place that I had called regarding graduate essay help. You left me with a feeling of confidence that you and your staff will take personal interest in producing a quality product. I did not get the same feelings from the other two essay services. Since this will be my only shot at graduate school, I am very appreciative of any feedback that you give.

Satisfied Customer
Thank you for your edition. It was very thorough and very helpful. Thanks for your work! Attached please find MIT essay 1. Thank you very much! Appreciated your comments. Thanks again.

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