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When a pool of students is fairly equal in terms of grades, test scores and class rank, the admissions committee often turns to the essay to make the next cuts.

"Hey, I loved your job! I perused what you did, and I am very pleased with your efforts. I think that together we will make the essay look really good. I am just glad that I had a professional look this over. Thanks a lot! They will look good in no time. You are worth every penny."

Steve Quezadas,

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You are among millions of applicants vying for admission to the nation’s colleges and universities this year. We are here to give you all the help you need, giving you an advantage over the competition. We’ve interviewed admissions counselors from the nation’s top schools and we know what they are looking for. Let us use our knowledge of the process and our experience in the field to get you into the school of your choice!

Sample Essays:
We’ve compiled essay sets from the nation’s top colleges and universities from applicants who have already been accepted. Use these essays to get an idea of what particular schools expect and of the level of writing other successful applicants have achieved. These essays may also spark ideas for your own drafts and will likely help you get started.

Professional Editing Services:
Never submit your essays blindly! Everyone gets a review, or at least a second opinion, from someone. In your case, why not hire a professional? Put yourself a step ahead by having an admissions essay expert help you with your essays. Whether you need a quick second opinion or a full grammatical review, we have a service that will meet your needs.

Free Tips:
Our free tips section offers scads of advice on writing your application essays. From finding a topic to creating a sound structure to fine-tuning the details, these tips may help you overcome writer’s block and send you on your way to creating interesting and effective essays.

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